Useful Sign Language Phrases

When you meet someone new who speaks a language different from yours, it is always nice to be able to say a few words or phrases to them in their own language. It can be very gratifying to be in a country where no one speaks your language, only to find someone who knows at least a little bit of your language. It may not be much – perhaps just enough to say ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’, but this can make you feel that much more at home.

It is exactly the same thing with sign language. For some people, sign language is the only language that they can use to converse with others. This can be very difficult for people with hearing difficulties. Even in the most remote nations, you will inevitably find some people who speak English or at least a smattering of English. Someone who is hearing impaired, however, has absolutely no means of using spoken languages. For such people, finding someone who is not hearing impaired but knows sign language is impossibly rare.

Why Learn Sign Language

Why learn any language that is not your own? Many people are simply interested in different languages and the culture that lies behind a particular language. Every language has a story, a history. Sign language is no different.

If you know anyone who uses sign language or has hearing difficulties, then it would be great for you to learn at a few sign language phrases. This way, you could surprise your friend by signing something to them. Too many people who know others with hearing difficulties communicate with them through writing. This can be slow and incredibly frustrating, not only for the person whose hearing is impaired, but also for the person who is used to the fast exchanges of the spoken language.

Useful Phrases

Just as you might learn various greetings in a foreign language before you travel to another country, you should start with learning those same phrases in sign language. Other useful phrases might be ones that you use on an everyday basis. Asking where the restroom is, how much something costs, and various everyday phrases like that can be very useful.

Where To Learn

If you have determined that you wish to learn some sign language phrases but are not sure where to start, the Internet should be your number one resource. While there are places that offer classes in sign language, such classes are not suitable for someone who simply wishes to learn some casual sign language phrases.

There are many websites that offer some basic lessons in sign language, however. Many even separate the lessons into categories such as ‘greetings’, ‘ordering food’, ‘asking for directions’, and many more.

This makes it extremely simple for you to find the phrases that you wish to learn. Often, videos are included that make learning the sign language phrases much easier than attempting to follow a series of pictures. With some time and effort, you will find that you know how to speak at least a few phrases in sign language.

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